Getting Equipped

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘equipped’ as to be prepared or to make ready. The question is, what are you making yourself ready for? And are you ready for your next move?

As you sit and think through the day, you must have something that you are planning to accomplish over the next few weeks, months, or years. It doesn’t matter how far away it is, preparation is key. To be fully equipped means that you must have the right mental ability and the tenacity to garner all the necessary tools, ideas, strategies, and developments needed to execute your task. Mental preparation gets you ready for what is ahead, both the good and the bad. It also prepares you for the pressure that you may have to work under and the criticism that you may face, because not everyone will celebrate your task. You need the tenacity to be able to function regardless of your whys, hows, and whens. You must also remain persistent while pursuing your set goal. In order to carry out any task/activity, remember that you must have prepared for it in every way possible. Get to the drawing board, write down your task, and draft a plan that you will use as a start. It is critical that you do this so that when you begin, you won’t have to stop because of a lack of preparation. So, get yourself equipped, give yourself time to prepare, and make everything that you do count. I believe that when you plan and are fully equipped for your next task, your next move will be big. You should be excited about your next move.

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