How did I start my first book?

When I left for lunch one afternoon while on an internship, I checked my phone, and got a message from a cousin, that another cousin of mine died. He was shot and killed in his home by a police officer in Canada. Though it was a cousin I have never met, I felt the loss and pain for my family. I started praying for the family and further went on 26 days of fasting (because he was 26 years old). As I fast and prayed, the Holy Spirit downloaded ideas to me. The first thing I did was blogging on Wix. Within a month, I had reached over 30 people with over 20 subscribers. The readers embraced the messages. And then I wanted to do more. As I ended my fast, Wine Pressing was downloaded in my head. It puzzled me what this was. I had stopped my internship and was home. I obeyed the voice one morning while I was sitting on my bed; the chapters came to mind. I was still unsure of what to write. I further prayed for instructions on what to write. One day as I sat on my bed, I began writing about my terrible educational journey and how I felt as if they sabotaged me. On the first day, I did three chapters. I was relentless and passionate about writing, and completing the book. In less than one week, I completed the book. With many editing, corrections, and adjustments, I have self-published a book. I have had doubts, fear, and wild imaginations. There are days when I think I am not good enough. There are days when I feel abandoned and cast away. What I want you to leave with is that terrible situation and disruptions can cause you to produce fruit. Whenever there is a pitfall, or you find yourself in a jam, pray, and see how the situation can be beneficial to you. The pandemic may have been hard for many, but I found fruit in the pain and labor.

2 thoughts on “How did I start my first book?”

  1. To God be the glory! The only way we’ll get testimonies is through the difficult periods, that’s how we’ll know for ourselves what God can do in and through us! Bless you Kamar!

  2. Kenneth Townsend

    Wow! I am speechless, it is always in our best interests to make sure that we are hearing the voice of God. I feel connected in the spirit bro. Thank you for being so transparent, it takes us to go through situations and learn the lesson and grow, this is when we have started the development process, we now and recognize that God has something more for us to do. This has been so motivational and prompting me to be what God has said and to cast down the fear..God bless you brother 🙏…

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