Kamar Speaks

Kamar Bowen

Kamar is an avid leader, speaker and Human Resource professional whose goal is to inspire people through his story. He has served in the capacity of a trainer for recruits at his seasonal job in the USA. Through this new enterprise, lives will be changed as he will be an edifice to people who desire to thrive and rise despite their limitations.

Kamar will provide forums, one on one discussions to help motivate and inspire everyone who needs to go on their journey.

Teaching youths to be determined, innovative and passionate is what we do. Are you ready to dip in your purpose? DIP enterprise serves to inform, motivate and propel persons into their destiny, by providing the right strategies to do so.

  • Why it is pertinent to embark on your educational journey.
  • Rising above failures and limitations.
  • Why a bad grade shouldn’t stop you.
  • Why do you need to be innovative?

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