Made vs Maid

We have now crossed over into a new month. Many of us are still in a place of uncertainty in terms of whether we are working, or where the world is going. Here is something to reflect on:

With the time you have, are you being made or are you being a maid? Made, in this context, means to produce, prepare, compose, create, and generate, while maid means to be a helper or servant. What are you making? What are you producing and how is it impacting people around you? What are you trying to accomplish? It is time to sit down and compose what you want to produce. When you make something, it usually takes a lot of energy and developmental strategies. If you are just being a maid, it means you are using up your energy on everybody else and everything else, fulfilling their wishes but leaving your own plans to become stagnant.

You cannot just give people all of your time and effort to bring their goals to fruition while you bury your own goals. Start creating something, make your name great, and use your gifts and talents. Many times in life we use our energy and time to create stuff for others, but create nothing for ourselves. Get up and rise! Create something! You are great and you have the capacity to do great things.

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