Planning in a Plandemic!

By this time, many of us are familiar with the times and the season that we are living. The pandemic happened, and many of us didn’t get the time to prepare for it. Now that it is here, we have to plan accordingly and ensure that things are on track. Here are three simple steps that you can use to plan in a pandemic. 1. Make sure you have enough resources such as food, water, and any necessary items that are of essential need. 2. Ensure that if you do not have a job, there is another source or means by which you can sustain yourself. 3. Do not panic, take it easy, and follow the guidelines and instructions given. There’s not much more planning that you can do in a pandemic, but stay focused and keep going forward. Think ahead, after you’ve recovered from this pandemic, then there must be something that you want to achieve or see get done. Work on it, use this time to plan and think ahead. You have no choice but to plan in this time of atrocity. Set a simple plan, follow it, and you will survive. Stay safe!

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