Wine Pressing: The Journey of Endurance

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You need the courage to advance, no matter the challenge. God is fueling you to push to the next dimension. Find encouragement and motivation by reading this volume.

Wine Pressing is the story of a young boy, born and raised in St James, on Jamaica’s North Coast. He shares his background growing up and how he overcame many challenges and setbacks. This life changing narrative will reveal his ups and downs and how his trust in God got him through the process.

If you possess a burning passion to pursue your dreams and goals, but need the fuel to keep progressing, then Wine Pressing was written especially for you. The strategies and techniques in this volume will shift your mindset and help you to embrace life from a positive angle in spite of the struggles and challenges you are confronted with. Greatness is within all of us, so if you are in pursuit of greatness, then this is the book you need to be reading, it will encourage you and impart you the strength that you need to NEVER GIVE UP.

At the end of every chapter is a passage scripture to enhance the readers’ comprehension, in order to gain a better understanding of Kamar’s thoughts. Affirmation and prayers have been added to assist you on your life’s journey. The Journey of Endurance is the slogan used as a note of courage and perseverance. The author would like everyone to know and understand that setbacks are possible, but your victory is sure. Wine Pressing will help you to grow in every aspect of life.

2 reviews for Wine Pressing: The Journey of Endurance

  1. Jheanel Thompson

    A truly inspirational non-fiction with an epic and powerful title! Kamar Bowen’s analogy of the wine making process and his personal journey to success is creative and remarkable. What I enjoyed most from reading Wine Pressing are the motivational and spiritual quotes that I was able to highlight for my own journey ahead. This was truly a God-given assignment and I could tell Kamar gave it his sincere best!

  2. Romero Williams

    Indeed a remarkable and inspirational book. The way in which Kamar shared his life experiences through the process of making wine makes this book very interesting. After reading this book I never look at life the same way again I feel motivated, inspired and passionate about my goals and desires and the lessons that will come from each experiences and getting through them with God at the center of my life. This book is for all who dream and needs that little bit of inspiration. Great job Kamar Bowen you are indeed God sent to inspire the world.

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