As we draw closer to the end of this month, we are getting into the twelfth month of a crazy year. We all know that twelve means authority and perfection, but before we get into the last month of 2020, let us get a resuscitation. In what area of life do you need resuscitation? Here are three things that will help you to resuscitate:

  1. Identify the issue. This is key to resuscitation. If you do not identify the problem, you will not see the need for a solution.
  2. Write a plan of how you want to dive into this issue. This will help with fixing the little things and improving the plan.
  3. Renew your mindset. This will bring every other thought into obedience with your set plans. Do not enter the new month with the same attitude. Get resuscitated. Start now. Revive, breathe, catch some new air, and be bold – you will win!

1 thought on “Resuscitation”

  1. Kenneth Townsend

    I thank you for this. As I read through I am reminded of the many times that I have set out to accomplish things but I went about it without a vision and failed to complete. Reading this is very beneficial for me right now, I plan to pursue a lot in the coming year, I know what things I need to do ahead of time now.. failure is no longer an option.

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