Think like a Celebrity

As someone thinks within himself, so he is. -Proverbs 23:7

What are your perceptions of yourself? How do you see you? Many of us are fans of celebrities and well-known figures. We see them as superior and paramount figures. Most times they are wealthy and are impactful. Some may be famous because of a skill or talent through music, movie, or writing. They may be radio or TV personalities. We follow them on social media; read about them. We have them as our screen savers on our phones. We spend hours listening to their music and focusing on them. At the end of each day, what do you wish to accomplish, and how are you motivated for the next day? How impactful are they, and what have they taught you that you can use to improve your life? Often wish we were like these persons, have the money they have, and were a little further in life.

As you think in your heart about yourself, make a comparison of what you don’t have and how far-fetched you may have been. It is time to tear down those small thoughts and exalt yourself. You don’t need fame or money to be a celebrity. When you see yourself as a celebrity, you will manifest the characteristics. The world has pressurized us to believe that we are inferior because of our life status. One thing that you must do is use their lives as an example to improve yours. What one thing can you change about yourself that can change your life forever? Think big think like a celebrity because you are a celebrity. Dress like a celebrity, act like a celebrity, walk like a celebrity. You are royal and are more than what you think you are. Get outside of the vacuum you are in because you are more than enough.  You have the capabilities, talents, and gifts to produce the same work as the ones you call celebrities. The next time you look in the mirror, you are looking at a celebrity. Say it, Think it, Believe it!

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  1. I really enjoyed this encouraging thought. This is something that I will definitely start doing. Because even the word of God tells us that we are royal priesthood. Thanks for the reminder.

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