The Book

Wine Pressing

The Book
  • What is Wine Pressing?

    Wine Pressing is the story of a young boy, born and raised in St James, on Jamaica’s North Coast. Wine pressing was birthed from failure and setbacks which lead the founder to be determined and relentless in pursuing his goals.
  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to build determined individuals who are willing and ready to endure the PRESSING process of life’s endeavours.
  • Core Values:

    • Determined:

      We believe that people should be relentless in what they do despite hardships and failures. Even though an individual may not have full foundational support, they should still embark on their future endeavors.

    • Innovative:

      We believe that in order to soar and reach higher dimensions. You must be persistent in what you do. Innovation is a skill that must be earned.

    • Passionate:

      Despite failures and setbacks in life. We believe that what you want to be and become must be a part of your lifestyle in order to accomplish them.

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